Remarkable Intro
Remarkable Series
September 05, 2021 - Chris Heller - Intro
Regardless of our personal views, we all find ourselves living in a divided society that is being bombarded with fear, intimidation, and ever-present threats to our well-being. The reality is, many of us might feel worried, manipulated, frustrated, and at a loss of what the future may hold. How then shall we live? Scripture’s answer might surprise you. It calls us to live REMARKABLE lives. You’re probably thinking, “Come on! You can’t do that in the midst of health concerns, rumors of wars, and societies raging with division.” The truth is, what God calls us to will not be easy or natural for most of us, and it certainly won’t be what we see in our culture. But our hope is that in the midst of a society telling us we can’t be REMARKABLE, the church would respond to that challenge with one simple phrase, “Say I won’t!”
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