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Renew Bible Church
Our Beliefs
Renew Bible Church
Our Beliefs
Renew Bible Church
  • God
    The eternal God exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is perfectly holy, just, loving, and worthy of worship.
  • Creation & Scripture
    God created the universe, and He revealed Himself to humanity through His creation and through His authoritative and inerrant Word.
  • Sin & Satan
    Sin has corrupted creation. Satan and humanity rebelled against God, separating them from His presence.
  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ came as the Savior. The eternal Son revealed Himself to the world as the perfect man to restore creation through his death and resurrection.
  • Salvation
    The Good News of Jesus Christ has been offered to humanity. God freely gives salvation to anyone who trusts and follows Jesus.
  • Church
    Those who believe the Good News make up the Church, which exists to grow together like Christ and spread the Good News.
  • Eternity
    God will one day renew all things. The hope of believers is Christ’s return to gather his church, destroy sin, establish his kingdom, judge the world, and then recreate heaven and earth with his people to enjoy forever.
Statement & Articles of Faith
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